There is no doubt that stepping inside a tipi is a magical experience. Entering into a space enclosed by swathes of fabric feels both reassuringly cosy, yet exotic and adventurous. It is almost impossible to resist the urge to look up as our eyes are drawn to the vaulted fabric roof suspended over timber poles, a structure that seems so different to the usual four solid walls of our homes and buildings and yet feels somehow strangely familiar.

Perhaps it harks back to some distant primaeval memory of a time when we all lived beneath the stars in much simpler abodes, or maybe it is redolent of our more personal childhood recollections of dens and fortresses constructed underneath coffee tables and bedsheets. Whatever the connection, it is clear that entering into a Tipi evokes a sense of awe and wonder in us and creates a space that feels safe and welcoming whilst at the same time giving every occasion a touch of true magic.

At Katachiefs, we specialise in all aspects of special event tipi hire. We have a range of tipis starting from one giant tipi for more intimate gatherings, to a four giant tipi structure that can hold up to 200 guests. We know that the perfect party, be it a corporate event or your dream tipi wedding, requires a generous space that will provide zones for different parts of the proceedings. Therefore, all of our tipis come with a range of options for furnishings, enabling you to turn the blank canvas of a tipi into the ultimate venue.

Grouping different furniture packages together can create ‘rooms’ within the giant tipi that will give your guests downtime or dance time as needed. Tables and chairs for formal dining can be perfectly complemented by our more rustic ‘chill-out package’, which includes seats, a bioethanol fire-pit and even reindeer skins for some laid-back bohemian charm. Our 15ft by 15ft dancefloor will allow you and your guests to dance the night away and if you want to ensure that everyone’s drinks remain topped up, we also have the options for bars. Lighting is paramount at any special event and that is why all of our special event tipi hire packages include fairy lights entwined on the poles as standard. A selection of additional lighting extras means creating the right ambience is easy.

Our special event tipi hire allows you to embrace the great outdoors whatever the time of year and whatever the weather. Perfect for festivals and big celebrations, they hold the space in an outdoor venue, providing comfort and shelter whilst enhancing the natural beauty of the landscape you have chosen for your event. A giant tipi blurs the line between indoor and outdoor as guests can move freely between the captivating fairy-lit world of the inside of the tipi to the star-lit world of the surrounding outdoor space.

We offer a large inventory of additional extras that can be used to furnish and expand your event into the outside space, such as our external fire bowls. The Tipis can be adapted to work with the weather – the sides can be left open to let in the sunshine on warm summer weddings, whilst our options for heating ensure that winter weddings are warm and cosy.

Dream weddings, big birthday celebrations, grass-roots festivals, corporate events – all of these and more have taken place beneath the tipi and given both hosts and guests memories to last a lifetime.

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